Susan and Leonard Lodish Ride in Tandem on the Road Less Traveled for ALS

They called it fun: pedaling uphill on a tandem bicycle, battling 118-degree temperatures and 98-percent humidity, chased by tornadoes, drenched by rainstorms, pelted by hail. No matter. They pushed on. For forty days and 3,238 miles, despite five flat tires–one during a downhill run at 34 miles per hour–and a vertical climb of almost 90,000 feet, they pedaled round and round, up and down, over hill and dale, ever so joyfully. And why not? When you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream, it’s difficult not to be happy. 
Leonard, a consultant and the Samuel R. Harrell Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Susan, a freelance theatrical director, the trip across fourteen states, from coast to coast, was the culmination of immeasurable desire and drive, of passion turned to purpose. 
Let’s hear from Susan and Len about their commitment to the ALS community – How doing good while having fun, learning and teaching can impact lives around the world. 
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