How Long Would You Like to Live? Phyllis Ayman Helps Keep the Life in Your Years


The Ambassador for Conscious Aging Life Management and founder of Mindful
Longevity Solutions and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author. Phyllis will guide you to develop your Personalized Longevity Plan so you can continue to age gracefully, healthfully and
happily. As a veteran speech/language pathologist who’s conducted research with thousands of
residents and families in 50 nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities, Phyllis provides
unique insights into the aging and decision-making process and valuable information
individuals and families require in order to make necessary and critical care choices for
themselves and/or their loved ones.
Phyllis is dedicated to helping families become empowered, more effective and
informed advocates. Author, speaker, trainer, podcaster and coach, Phyllis coauthored the Amazon #1
bestselling: ‘Think Big,’ which led her to author the Amazon Best Sellers: Dignity &
Respect: Are Our Aging Parents Getting What They Deserve? and OVERDUE Quality
Care for Our Elder Citizens”. Her first book “Nursing Homes to Rehabilitation
Centers…What Every Person Needs to Know” was released in 2017.

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