Karen Foster’s Reasons for Waking Inspired her Siblings to Bring her Dream to Life


Karen Foster was born completely blind. Multiple surgeries before she was two restored only three percent of her vision.

Her limited vision did not stop her. She earned a BA in English, an MA in Creative Writing, and did postgraduate work in English. She worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for decades, but her true passion was raising, showing and breeding English Springer Spaniels. Her unique voice and affection for dogs shines through in Reasons for Waking, her first novel, completed shortly before she died in March 2022.

Her five siblings continued the quest to share their deceased sister’s story with the world and two are here to share their story with us today.

Reasons for Waking is published by https://www.boldstorypress.com

For more information visit https://reasons-for-waking.com/


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