Write and Sing YOUR Song and Legacy with Drew Lawrence


Have you always dreamed of writing a song? Singing a song (out loud in front of other humans)? You are not alone! Here’s your chance to discover your voice AND your inner song writer!

Drew Lawrence is a multi-platinum singer, songwriter and producer. He has worked with and written for some of the biggest talent in the music industry and coached top actors for musical performance in film. His band, The Dales, has released albums and toured since 2017 – you have likely heard them on radio and network TV.

Drew is currently working on writing and recording his own personal legacy and will realize his dream of the last 20 years – the release of his first solo album, later this year.

Now is your turn to explore your hidden talent, release your inner child, discover your voice through song and share your joy with the world!

Visit https://www.drewlawrencemusic.com/ for more information.


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