4 Mood-Boosters You Can Do Right Now


Are the little things in life bringing you down? In a busy and sometimes chaotic world, it’s important to find ways to lift our spirits. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to turn that frown upside down. Here are 4 easy ways to bring a little happiness to a dreary day. 

1. Buy Fresh Flowers

Whether it’s a bouquet filled with feisty yellow daisies or sophisticated roses, a bouquet of fresh flowers has been the go-to mood booster for hundreds of years. “We are instinctively drawn to flowers,” says holistic expert Valerie Silver.

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And colors have a profound effect on mood. “Just like you pick out wall colors for your home to evoke a certain mood (calming or energizing), flower colors can also have an effect on your mood,” says Lindsay Pierce of MarthaStewart.com. “Bright, pastel colors (like hydrangeas) tend to be more relaxing; bold flowers (such as gerbera daisies) tend to be more energizing and can increase creativity.”

2. Listen To Live Music or Theater

In a study published by the University of Arkansas — Fayetteville, researchers found that young people who attended field trips to live performances experienced “enhanced knowledge of the plot, increased vocabulary, greater tolerance and improved ability to read the emotions of others.”

For those who want to take it a step further, the “involve and evolve” philosophy encouraged by Laguna Woods Village Theater Guild members mean all are welcome to test their theatrical skills or learn more about show business from a “behind-the-scenes” perspective. Such inclusion does wonders to boost budding performers and offers a positive, inspiring medium for patrons.

3. Go Outdoors

The benefits of going outside are two-fold: First, the outdoor walk is a great form of exercise. Second, the sensation of being outdoors can control mild cases of depression. “Humans do need to spend time in natural environments if they want to improve their physical and mental health,” says Business Insider contributor Kevin Loria. “That could mean taking advantage of hiking trails near your home, playing in the snow, swimming in the ocean, or just spending time every week in a local park.” A study showed that “both men and women had similar improvements in self-esteem after green exercise, though men showed a difference for mood.”

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4. Service

Even the smallest gesture can generate a big emotional impact as long as the motivation is pointed in the right direction. Seth J. Gillihan, Ph.D. makes this point in his article for Psychology Today when he warns that efforts which focus on self end up producing negative feelings of anxiety and added depression. “On the other hand, the really good news is that by turning our attention toward helping others, we make everyone feel better—ourselves included. We find not only relief from our depression and anxiety, but also improvements in our relationships,” says Gillihan. So open your eyes and hearts for service opportunities.

When you are feeling down in the dumps, it’s time to lift yourself up. By adding uplifting sights, smells, and service, you can turn a frowny day around in no time.


This article was originally published by Orange County Register


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