Uncovering Your True Purpose with Cynthia Oredugba


Cynthia Oredugba, “Missing Peace” Coach, has a passion to guide women who yearn to be their best selves but have put their innermost dreams on hold for family or career. Cynthia helps them find clarity and confidence to uncover their true purpose and manifest the abundant, meaningful life they desire.

In the early 1970s, Cynthia became the first African American woman to join the William Morris Talent Agency as an agent trainee. Six years later she opened her own boutique talent agency, The Robinson Company, in Los Angeles. During her 16-year career as a talent agent, Cynthia helped numerous actors, writers and directors in New York and Los Angeles realize their dreams through her clear guidance, boundless enthusiasm and knack for making savvy, life-changing connections.

After leaving her successful entertainment industry career to be a full-time mother to her two sons she found another way to give to her family and her community. She joined the American Cancer Society to raise cancer awareness through trainings, workshops, and seminars. Though her work was meaningful, a new spark was calling―but what? Then, in a transformative moment, Cynthia received The Purpose Driven Life, a book that changed her life! Excited by what she learned but still without answers, Cynthia began working with a gifted coach and soon discovered her purpose―to serve others by helping them find their truth and innate talents so they activate their full, extraordinary potential.

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