BrideBOD is changing the world of fitness. Here’s how:


Alli Ferguson, personal trainer, international fitness and health coach, is the creator and founder of brideBOD™. Today, Alli talks about her innovative mobile technology that makes exercise accessible for everyone.

Alli has spent the last six years developing this idea to help people reach their fitness goals. The result is brideBOD. “I’ve created software that allows me to personally train anyone, anywhere, at any time.”

Why brideBOD? The idea of being a bride or groom means more than preparing for a wedding. Instead, it encompasses the feeling of wanting to look and feel the best of our lives. And that is the experience Alli creates for people who register for her customized fitness program. This interactive workout enables users to measure their ability and share feedback with Alli. Then Alli adjusts the workouts to ensure progress.

Finally, everyone can enjoy the personalized care of a certified trainer at a time that is most convenient for them. For more information and to register, please visit



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