Tom Blake: Finding love after 50? Yes, you can


For Tom Blake, finding love meant experiencing loss.

After a sudden divorce, Tom found himself single at 53 years old and facing a new world of dating. How did he cope? He started writing down his thoughts. Eventually, those notes became the foundation for a Dana Point News column about a man trying to date after age 50 and how it wasn’t easy.

“At age 53, I decided to start dating, and I thought it was going to be easy. I owned a deli in Dana Point and a lot of nice women came in there,” said Blake. But, he quickly learned that being older in a new dating scene was difficult.  If he wanted to meet someone new, he would have to really put himself out there and be patient. He shares the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way on his website as well as through books and his column.

In hindsight, Tom believes his loss was a blessing. And his openness about his personal experiences has been a positive and popular support for those coping with similar experiences.

Don’t miss this uplifting and hopeful interview! Can you find love after 50? Tom Blake says absolutely!

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