Luisa Heymann Teaches Us How To ‘Get A Move On’ Through Difficult Times

After a lifetime of being physically active, Luisa Heymann was sidelined with a broken neck after being hit by a drunk driver. For months she could barely move. When she was finally able to resume something approaching a normal life, she had to start getting back into shape in bite-sized pieces. Thus, the concept of mini-workouts was born. These exercises can be done while performing household and self-care activities such as brushing your teeth, washing dishes or gardening… just think of all of the “little moments” in a day when your body could use some extra movement! 
There’s no excuse now… you don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need to carve extra time out of your day, and you don’t need any special equipment. Luisa’s practical approach includes descriptions of the effective movements to work into your daily, weekly and weekend routines for improved health and fitness. (Published by Bold Story Press.
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