Body Design Talks About ‘Core’ Fitness Values


It’s time to get to the “core” of your fitness routine. Susan and Alexandra Tobiessen from Body Design are in the studio to demonstrate the innovative fitness device simply called MOTR.

What inspired the name?

“The motor is your core. Without that, you’re not going to be able to move very much,” said Susan. “The design of the MOTR helps strengthen the core muscles, improve range of motion and also works on your ability to move three-dimensionally.”

The MOTR is portable and easily adjusts to any skill level.

The value of a strong core improves all aspects of daily life. For example, it improves flexibility in everyday tasks like lifting, bending, or stretching. It improves sports performance and physical activities. A strong core maintains balance and healthy posture, and it makes you feel great!

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Make healthy living and fitness the core of your daily routine!






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