What’s new in Laguna Woods with Jennifer Karmarkar and Amy Osmond Cook


With everything from magic shows to gate access updates, Laguna Woods is a happening place! Jennifer Karmarkar, editor of The Globe, gives an insider’s look at everything that’s happening in this community.

Gate Access Changes

Starting September 1, a gate access security program will be tested on Gates 5 and 6. If the pilot is successful, the program will be implemented throughout the community by the year’s end. While the program will increase security, some residents are wary because the $1.5 million price seems steep when the community is already so safe (only 8 crimes per 1,000 residents). Another controversy stirs as residents that work for Golden Rain Foundation as gate ambassadors are scared that they’ll lose their jobs. However, John Luby, chair of the committee, assures the gate ambassadors that they will keep their jobs; their duties will simply adapt to the new system. 

Club 2 Long-Term Renovation

Construction on this clubhouse is nearing completion and should be finished in mid-august. After the construction is finished, interior designers will totally redo the inside, adding brand new furniture with a $200,000 budget. This project as a whole is over budget, however. It was originally budgeted around $4 million and is already over $7 million. There will be a gala for the reopening that is estimated to be around the first week in September. There are some delays and the work is three weeks behind, but it is almost completed!  

Performing Arts Center

Clubhouse 3 is getting a name change, becoming the Laguna Woods Performing Arts Center. There will also be some improvements to the theater such as new rigging, a lobby revamp, and new entertainment. There will be a sneak peek magic show in July, and the new schedule will be introduced at the beginning of October along with the opening gala. Previous entertainers include the Champagne Pop Series which is a tribute to Beatles, Bee Gees, and MoTown. There have also been many community concerts put on every Sunday throughout most of the winter.


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