Stay Safe Orange County: Important Tips to Protect Loved Ones


Undersheriff Don Barnes is in the studio to talk about a new initiative called Stay Safe OC.  Its purpose is to educate members of the community to become co-producers of their own safety.

“We want to help people to stop setting themselves up to be victims whenever possible and do things that will help keep crime rates low and make our job easier on us by helping people to not become victims of crime,” said Barnes.

Here are a few simple things people can do:

1. Make sure your car is locked. Barnes said your car is much less likely to be burglarized if it is parked in a locked garage. And don’t leave valuable items visible in your car.

2. Look Out For Your Neighbors. “Neighborhood Watch programs are a great deterrent,” said Barnes. He added that robbers look for neighborhoods where people feel more comfortable, seem a little less aware, and they are a little more casual with safety.

Despite the fact that South Orange County enjoys some of the lowest crime rates in the nation, theft still occurs, and statistics are creeping up. So it’s important to keep an eye out, especially for scams and cyber crimes.

Barnes warns that criminals are innovative. They are always looking for ways to take advantage of people. “The sheriff’s department is the only law enforcement agency in Orange County, outside of the FBI, that has a crime crimes unit,” he said. “We are often investigating these types of crimes and we are having good results.”

But the easiest form of protection is prevention.

3. Don’t Share Information on Public Platforms. if your loved ones use social media, be sure their settings are private so that personal information is limited to friends and family.

In this video, Barnes shares a few of the more popular scams that are currently making their way into our homes.

To protect the safety of you and your loved ones, don’t miss this important interview! “Together we can keep crime low and prevent people from becoming victims,” said Barnes.

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