Sherita Herring is Doing Good Wherever She Goes – From Beverly Hills to the Barnyard and Beyond


Sherita Herring is a mother, grandmother, auntie, sister, friend, speaker, author, radio personality, business strategist, visionary and so much more.

She has worked behind the scenes, providing coaching and strategizing with some of the top social entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional athletes and organizations in the world – all names you would know.

She has built her life and her career by doing exactly what she loves to do every day. She truly lives her motto “You Are Your Only Limitation (YAYOL)”.

Sherita is currently (once again) demonstrating there’s no limit to what you can achieve.  After living and operating in Los Angeles for more than 30 years, she’s living out a life-long passion, by relocating to a small town in Arkansas, where she is homesteading with 32 chickens, five ducks, three Guinea fowl, two cats and eight dogs.

From Beverly Hills to the Barnyard, Sherita is doing good everywhere she goes.

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