Patty Turrell: Leads the way with the Women’s Journey Foundation


What started as a casual conversation among friends sitting around a dining room table evolved into the Women’s Journey Foundation, an empowering and inspiring free multi-generational program for women of all ages.

Patty Turrell, a founder of the Women’s Journey Foundation, visited the GDOC studio to talk about the work they are doing to educate, empower, and change the individual course of young women.

“Less than 5 percent of today’s educational materials include women,” said Turrell, who emphasized that women carry an important legacy in history. “We are here where we are today because someone paved the way for us,” she said. “We need to share those stories.”

The Women’s Journey Foundation hosts a variety of workshops and local events that cater to small groups. But their biggest event is the annual HERstory WJF conference scheduled March 16, 2019, in conjunction with Women’s History Month. “Our focus is building the self-esteem of girls,” said Turrell. With studies showing that 70 percent of girls have low self-esteem, the work Turrell and her volunteers are doing to help young girls see their potential and realize that they can contribute to the world is a life-changing experience.

There are many activities and workshops that support this cause. For more information on the upcoming calendar of events, please visit







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