Keri Gee Semmelman shares ‘adoption affirmations’ with other parents


 It takes a whole community to look out for children.

That is what author Keri Gee Semmelman believes. And it is what motivates Keri to continue the conversation about the needs and emotions surrounding the adoption process. Her experience helped create the book, Adoption Affirmations: Fulfilling Your Family Tree that she co-wrote with Nikki Biers.

In this episode, Semmelman, a finalist for the 2019 Orange County Author of Influence Award, shares the courageous, triumphant, and heartwarming details of her personal journey through the adoption process and how her daughter has changed her life.  “Every experience you go through will help you reach the child that is meant for you,” said Semmelman. Her book offers encouragement and wisdom to those who desire to adopt but may sometimes feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the process.

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