Fifteen Years Saving Precious Lives at Red Bucket Rescue with Susan Peirce


In July 2008, Susan Peirce found a starving thoroughbred filly at a run-down, dilapidated stable. It was evident that the horse had been beaten and abandoned, yet the barn manager felt no obligation to feed her since he wasn’t being paid. Instead, he was planning to call a meat wagon to pick her up. Unable to turn her back, Susan went to the local feed store and bought 50 pounds of carrots and a “Red Bucket.” It took her 6½ hours to catch the emaciated filly, but once she caught her, she never let go. She named her Harlow and made her a promise of a loving, forever home.

Red Bucket in Chino Hills, CA is committed to saving and serving slaughter-bound, abused, high-risk and desperate equines – horses, donkeys and mules.

Going into their 15th year of amazing life-saving work, Red Bucket Equine Rescue and the Ranch the Horses Own is doing more and in greater need of support than ever. Yet another great opportunity to start this new year by doing good!

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