Celebrating Women’s Voices and Stories with Emily Barrosse and Bold Story Press


Emily Barrosse is the founder and CEO of Bold Story Press, a publishing house for women authors who want to share their stories with the world.

As Vice President and Editor in Chief at McGraw-Hill, fueled by explosive creativity and true vision, her division quadrupled signings of new books with innovative content for the future.

After 32 years in the publishing industry, Emily used the pandemic year of 2020 to create Bold Story Press, a new, fresh and much needed home for women’s voices in the world of publishing. Thirty-one months and 26 books later the impact is real.

Emily believes that women are uniquely qualified to empower each other by sharing their experiences through stories. She knows the world will be a better place when we achieve balance in our culture by increasing the numbers of women’s voices that are available to us all.

Do you have a story that needs to be told? Of course you do!

Visit https://boldstorypress.com/ for more information.


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