Women Unite! Amber Barath Frees Us From the Messy Bun


Your friends aren’t gonna tell ya, but it’s time for a new look.

Take note: The modern casual look has moved beyond the messy bun. “The messy bun is for housework, not for a night on the town,” said expert stylist Amber Barath.  The goods news is that Amber has some ideas for a quick, easy, and super stylish look.

Don’t worry. This doesn’t require a total commitment to high fashion. “Our goal isn’t to look unauthentic to ourselves,” said Amber. “So when I talk about moving forward with fashion and trends, I realize that this doesn’t apply to everybody.” Amber admits she isn’t a high fashion person, but she does believe we can step it up to improve our day-to-day look.

Today in the GDOC studio, Amber shows us how to transform our look with some basic products and techniques.

Here are some of Amber’s favorite products:

Tarte Clay Foundation Stick. Easy to apply, and it’s so portable you can retouch everywhere.

Squirrel Flat Brush. Great for applying contours and bronzers. Remember the letter “E” and number “3” when applying highlights.

Benefit Eye Brow Pencil. The angled tip makes eyebrow touch-ups simple and precise.

Vice Urban Decay Lip Topper. This smudge-proof, moisturizing lipstick can double as an eye glaze or a blush. Double duty products mean a quick touch-up.

Amber says the stiff, unblemished, polished hairstyle is long gone. Now, women want to celebrate their luscious locks by focusing on texture, movement, lived-in hair. “Less is more with today’s hair trends,” said Amber.

Sparkle and Shine Updo. One of Amber’s favorite go-to products creates a sexy, loose, touchable look in minutes.

To learn more about the latest fashion and hair trends for 2018, please visit www.mintconditionsalon.com.







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