Staying Vulnerable and Open to Thrive After the Worst Happens with Ron Gold


Since 2011 Gold has been paraplegic, the result of a horrific accident in which he was hit on his bicycle by an SUV at the end of a 50-mile ride.

His globe-trotting Wall Street career was gone in an instant. After five months of hospitalization and therapy, now dependent on full-time health care, he discovered the broken home health care system – and LeanOnWe was born.

Ron has been an inspiration to many in the myriad ways he has chosen to truly LIVE his life – first by speaking and sharing his story, by finding ways to return to the active, athletic lifestyle he cherishes through rowing and handcycling – and now by literally stepping into the future with ReWalk – a bionic walking system that allows paraplegics to stand upright and WALK! The future is truly here and Ron is living it.

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