Product review: Tip ‘n Split


By Francine Brokaw, guest post

You’re out to dinner with your friends. The bill comes. You reach for your smartphone to get some light on the bill so you can read it in the dark. Now you rack your brain to add on the tip and then start dividing to see how much your share is. Does this sound familiar? If it does, there’s a handy little gadget that will solve all of those issues. The Tip ‘n Split is small, lightweight, and easy to use.

First of all, this little gadget has a magnifier so it’s easy to read those tiny numbers on a check. And it’s also handy to read menus. And there is a light to make seeing in dark restaurants even easier. So, with the magnifier and the light, you don’t need to bring out your reading glasses.

Second, this little item is actually four gadgets in one. Besides the magnifier and the light, it calculates the tip and even divides the total so everyone knows how much they owe.  And it’s easy to use.

There is no guesswork when using the Tip ‘n Split. Everything is spelled out right on the display window. Press the ON button and you’re ready to start. The top left part of the window says  “BILLS”. Enter the total amount of the check and press “ENTER”. Then it will say “TIPS”. Enter the percentage you want to tip your waiter. If you want to tip 15% then enter 15. Then press “ENTER”.  The unit will display the tip total. Press “ENTER” again and it adds the tip into the total of the check. Now, if you want to divide the check equally between your party, enter the amount of people. If there are three, enter 3 and press “ENTER”. The display will show how much each person owes. How easy is that?

This also works if you don’t want to divide the check equally.  All you have to do is to input each person’s total and then calculate the tip the same way.


The Tip ‘n Split is lightweight and about the same size as a smartphone. It takes the calculating and guesswork out of dining out without all the awkwardness of figuring out who owes what when you’re out with your friends.

The Tip ‘n Split lists for $19.95. There is also an accompanying wristlet that lists for $10. If you want to purchase them together it is $26.95. Check out their website at


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