Product Review: Slim Book by Zagg for iPads


By Francine Brokaw, guest post

Tablet or laptop? Laptop or tablet? Which one should you get? Many people love the convenience of touch screens like on the iPad, yet they also like a keyboard. For Apple lovers who cannot get both in one, the Slim Book from Zagg lets users turn their iPad into a modified laptop. Despite lacking a USB drive, even the folks at the Apple store say the Slim Book is as close to a touch screen laptop that you can get with an Apple product.

Whether you have a 12.9-inch or a 9.7-inch iPad, you can add a Slim Book for additional convenience. It connects easily. Also, it’s not only a keyboard for your iPad, it is also a stand and a case to keep your device safe.

Granted, there is a keyboard on the iPad screen, but that takes up much of the screen. And if you’re doing a lot of work or writing, you want the entire screen available. With Bluetooth technology, there are no wires to attach. Instead, simply click your iPad into the holder and click that into the keyboard slot. The keys are not miniature, as in many add-on keyboards. They are real keys and even backlit, which makes typing in dark rooms much easier.

To pair the keyboard to your device, simply make sure your Bluetooth is turned on, press the fn button on the keyboard and either 1, 2, or 3. Your device will automatically find the keyboard and a blue light will flash telling you you’re all set. Now, if you want to pair your iPhone or another device to the keyboard, repeat this process (using a different number.) How cool is that? You can have several devices paired to use the keyboard. The easy Quick Start guide will help you set everything up in just a minute or two, including instructing you how to use the backlight and other options.

There is one more advantage to the Slim Book and that is the ability to angle the screen to suit your needs. And you can turn it around to “book mode” so you can read without the keyboard in your way. Also the “video mode” allows you also view your screen without the keyboard in front of the screen. This is courtesy of the magnetic hinge that lets users flip the case.

So, if you absolutely need a laptop, then go for it. But if you are debating between a laptop and an iPad, getting the Slim Book is the best way to bridge the two computers into one.



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