Music Conclusion with Pat and Amy Osmond Cook


This artistic duo will blow you away with their beautiful serenade. But Pat Hennessy and Amy Cook don’t just play music—they also have a fascinating discussion about Pat’s life as a “middle-class musician.” Don’t let that title fool you, though: Pat is a high-class guitarist. Watch to the end of the clip to hear him play an impromptu classical guitar solo.
Pat has been playing the guitar since 1978 and has mastered everything from classical pieces to rock and roll. He mainly plays local at venues but at times travels to his gigs. He and his bandmates joke about how they are “middle-class musicians” because usually it’s “feast or famine” in the music industry. Pat’s two highest-profile bands are Jumping Jack Flash and Wild Child. Jumping Jack Flash is something like a tribute to the Rolling Stones during the 70s rock star years. Pat has had to learn how to change into full costume with makeup and even wigs! This band is one of his favorites because it is fun and always rockin’. Wild Child is a Doors tribute band. This band is such a blast for Pat as a guitarist, and he gets to travel to places like New York on occasion.


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