I See You Company: Candles Aren’t Just For Cake Anymore


The spirit of doing random acts of kindness means you “see” somebody who deserves recognition. That is the premise behind I See You Candles. By designing a clever bow and candle topper, founder and CEO Amy Di Cesare has made a common token of gratitude into something pretty special.

With the I See You candle topper, a to-go coffee or tea, a gift card, a bottle of a favorite wine or champagne, a homemade craft or treat, even a thank-you card can be extra special. The handcrafted, slow-burning candle is made of 100% beeswax and the polyurethane bow means staging an added element of surprise won’t go up in flames.

These days, we are so quick to focus on the negative. Instead, why not point out the positive things people around us do every day? From corporate employee recognition to saying “thanks” to a neighbor, the I See You Company reminds us that there is goodness all around that is worth seeing and celebrating.

For more information on the Made in the USA, I See You Company products, please visit iseeyoucompany.com.





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