Having a Tea Party with NYA Tea!


Art comes in all different forms. Kai and David Oredugba from NYA “Not Your Average” Tea came to the GDOC studio to have a tea party with our very own co-host Lauren!

NYA Tea exists to inspire and encourage growth within, as well as outside of ourselves. Our mission is to source, blend and serve the very best tea with uncompromised quality.

NYA Tea was born in Los Angeles and is sourced globally. The initial spark
for NYA Tea was created by two brothers, Kai and David Oredugba in 2014.
Their mission is to curate the highest quality, hand-blended teas with the
utmost care. Since then, the NYA tribe has expanded to a highly qualified team of creatives specializing in food and beverage, from design to production, ensuring that everyone who comes in contact with NYA Tea has the purest experience.

Visit www.nyatea.com for more information. 


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