Giving the Gift of Literacy with Kimberly Vig


The Literacy Project has a passion for teaching children to read — how better to show someone you love them than to give them the gift of reading! They give the gift of literacy by allowing children the chance to visualize what the world has to offer and fulfill their personal dreams…building their dreams into realities, creating avid readers for a lifetime…one child at a time.

The Literacy Project’s mission is to eliminate the literacy gap of emerging 2nd-graders to achieve mastery in self-sufficiency, productivity and being contributory members of society with the help of teachers, volunteers, mentors and role models. They continue to grow organically while developing new strategies, products and tools that will be saleable, verifiable, and sustainable. They are bridging the literacy gap by serving the literacy needs of struggling 2nd-grade readers…fostering in our children the life-long love of reading, for it is the doorway to learning and achieving the American Dream.

They execute their mission by providing a comprehensive instructional program at “no cost” to both the school and qualified students in the second grade by using all types of learning: auditory, visual, and tactile.

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