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Who doesn’t love a great party? Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day, graduation, family reunion, or a wedding reception, the perfect party blends the right tone and atmosphere to provide a memorable experience for family and guests.  But not everyone enjoys planning the perfect party. And that’s where Mikii Rathmann of Neon Carrot Events comes to the rescue. “Even company meetings can be fun if you put some work into it,” said Mikii.

As a 20-year veteran in the hotel industry, Mikii was the happiest when it was time to plan company events. Now she has focused her finesse for planning the perfect party into a full-time career with Neon Carrot Events.

Mikii visited the GDOC studio to share some easy tips to help viewers plan their own special event.

1.Provide an activity for guests.

If it’s an outdoor event, consider hosting a bean bag toss, games, or a painting project station that invites guests the option to participate and interact while enjoying a fun activity. Even more formal events can provide activities. For example, Mikii has seen receptions equipped with giant Jenga and other party games, and the response has always been positive.

2. Follow a theme.

Party themes often follow trends. For some upcoming wedding-themed trends, Mikii sees a transition from shabby-chic style to decorations adorned with mixed metals like rose gold, accented with elegant lace, and velvet. As for colors? “Anything goes,” said Mikii. “There’s no need for matching anymore. And mixing colors create a nice touch.”

3. Make it personal.

Mikii loves her job, and every event is special. But her favorite party was a 70th-surprise party that included a flash mob at a restaurant. “The guests showed up an hour early to learn this simple dance routine,” said Mikii. “Then, when the guest of honor’s favorite song came on, these big doors opened that lead out to the patio, and she started recognizing her friends’ faces as they were dancing. It was so fun.”

Mikii also hosted a fun wedding joining two scientists. So the wedding invitations used chemistry elements, beakers were used as glasses, and microscopes were strategically placed around the venue. In this way, guests who knew the couple could see their imprint on this special event.

4. Look for feedback on ideas.

It helps to test your ideas on some close friends who you know would attend and ask if this party theme sounds like fun. You are certain to get an immediate reaction to your ideas that can either encourage you to go forward or rethink those plans.

If you are getting ready to plan your next event, Mikii Rathmann has some fantastic ideas to make your party worth celebrating. You can reach her at








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