Disney fine jewelry is ‘enchanting’


By Francine Brokaw, guest contributor

The Disney princesses (and fairies) are beloved characters. Little girls love watching their movies, TV shows, and dressing up like their favorite princess. But why should we give up that feeling of being special once we reach adulthood? We shouldn’t. And we don’t have to. With the Enchanted Fine Jewelry line of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces we can keep the magic of Disney in a way that is grown up and classy.

Whether you fancy Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Elsa, or Tinker Bell, there is a special piece of jewelry just for you. This line of jewelry is made with fine metals and real gems, including diamonds.  Cinderella’s special stone is blue topaz, Belle’s is citrine, Elsa’s is aquamarine, Snow White’s is garnet, and Tink’s is green tourmaline. The pieces are made of yellow, rose, and white gold and sterling silver.

At this time the crown ring is the most popular (for those of us who fancy ourselves princesses), with Belle’s rose pendant coming in a close second. There are designs of keys, bows, roses (Belle), stars (Tink), apples (Snow White), clocks and coaches (Cinderella), Snowflakes (Elsa) and others from which to choose, if you can choose between all the gorgeous pieces.

Granted, these are not your run-of-the-mill pieces of jewelry you can find at the tourist shops. These are much more exquisite and well crafted. And they will cost you. But they are pieces that will last a lifetime and will be cherished and passed down from one generation to another.

The website has a quiz to help you discover which inner princess you are. And you can see the entire line of jewelry as well as find your local jeweler to see the items in person. Simply enter your zip code to find the closest store carrying this line of jewelry. http://www.enchantedfinejewelry.com


If you’re celebrating a special anniversary or birthday, or just want a special piece of jewelry to bring the Disney magic to your life in a new and sophisticated way, this is something to check out. The Enchanted Fine Jewelry line is beautiful with a variety of pieces to suit your personal style.





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