Brighton Collectibles with Jill Weinstock


Brighton Collectibles’ beautiful jewelry is all hand designed in L.A. Every piece is gorgeous, so how do you decide what you want most? Jill Weinstock came on the show to reveal 10 must-haves in your accessories wardrobe.

  1. Christo Cuff: The intricately designed metal cuff comes with a two-sided, colored leather strap what shows through the metal design. You can wear the cuff by itself or with either side of the colored leather showing through for three unique looks.
  2. Ginger Snap Handbag: The bag starts out as a simple body with an elegant chain strap. To mix things up a little, you can purchase a colorful flap that snaps right on top of the bag and gives it a whole new look. On top of that, mix and match your flap with a strap in leather for an even more tailored-to-you look.
  3. Messenger Bag: This lovely bag comes with a hand-braided strap, but you can change this strap for a cross-body or shoulder strap. With pockets on the outside for extra storage, you can’t go wrong.
  4. Jewelry Sets: These pre-boxed sets include a necklace, bracelet, and earrings that complement each other perfectly and don’t break the bank!
  5. Statement Earrings: These show-stopping earrings will make you shine. You can wear the earrings two ways—one with more glitz and one with less glitz, depending on what look you’re going for.  
  6. Delicate Necklace and Earrings: These understated pieces can be worn every day and with any outfit. You can wear them for just a touch of sparkle on their own, or you can pair them with a statement piece to be bolder.
  7. Arm Candy: These bracelets and bangles are perfect for mix and match looks. Use them to make a look perfectly suited to you.
  8. Artisan Totes: These stunning bags are hand designed by Brighton designer Carmen. Not only are they hand designed but are also hand cut, finished on the edges, with hand stitched designs, making the bag a perfected work of art.
  9. “Brighton” Your Bag: Your bag can wear accessories too! Add a scarf or a playful bauble to add color and fun to your outfit.
  10. Luxury Items: These statement pieces add an element of drama to any ensemble. The “Queen of Waters,” for example, is a pendant necklace that draws the eye and is a stunning addition to anyone’s accessory collection.

Choose any one of these gorgeous pieces, or mix and match, and you’ll be set!



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