9 best video releases just in time for summer


Summer is best known for hot beach life, cool nights, yummy picnics, and summer blockbusters! Francine Brokaw, movie reviewer, book reviewer, writer, friend to the stars, and super fan of Good Day Orange County, stopped by to share nine of her favorite video releases, and they are all available now. See if your favorite made the list:

1.Tangled: Before Ever After. Disney Store. Rated G. $16.95 DVD

In this sure-to-be classic, we learn the secret behind the hair, the family, and true love. This is the movie that launched the hit tv series on The Disney Channel.

2. Monster Trucks. Paramount. Rated PG. $14.99 DVD

A random drilling excursion exposes a new underground world filled with surprises, adventure, and maybe a friendly new life form, or two. People of all ages will love this film.

3. Heidi. Import. (French, English) Rated NR. $24.00 DVD

This timeless classic has delighted audiences for years. Now, this 2016 import remake starring Bruno Ganz and Peter Lohmeyer will not disappoint. If the endearing plot doesn’t draw you in, the scenery will take your breath away.

4. A Street Cat Named Bob. Sony Pictures. Unrated. $13.00 DVD

Based on a true story that launched an international best-selling novel, this inspiring movie is about second chances, friendship, and starting over. Here’s a treat: Bob the cat stars as himself in the movie.

5. Patriots Day. Lionsgate Pictures. Rated R. $13.00 DVD

Based on the true events of the Boston Marathon Bombing that occurred on April 15, 2013, actor Mark Wahlberg leads an all-star cast in the gripping account and aftermath of a time when a city’s people joined together to become everyday heroes for the nation.

6. The Founder. Filmnation. Rated PG-13. $15.00 DVD

Michael Keaton’s Oscar-worthy performance as Ray Kroc, the milkshake machine salesman turned fast food titan, proves that with persistence we can strike “gold.”  Like him or not. You will never look at a Big Mac the same.

7. How To Steal A Million. Twilight Time. Rated G. $30.00

This 1966 classic romantic comedy stars Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn in one of her most endearing roles. A must-see for all ages.

8. Solace. Lionsgate. Rated R. $13.00

How do you catch a killer who knows everything–including your thoughts? Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell star in this deadly game of cat and mouse. Will Dr. John Clancy stop him before he kills again?

9. 36 Hours. Warner Archives. Rated NR. Blu-Ray $15.00

It’s 1950, and Major Jefferson Pike is in an Allied military hospital with amnesia. If he could recount the details of D-Day, his last memory, perhaps it would unlock his mind. Only it’s really 1944, and Pike is deep in German territory in a pretend hospital built just for him.  What ensues is an artistic web of drama and suspense that only actor James Garner can successfully portray on film.

Did your summer movie make the list? Let us know!


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