How to be a Successful Entrepreneur with Patch Baker

Patch Baker and GDOC team, Lauren Solomon and Amy Osmond Cook, discuss the importance of adaptability and willingness as a hustling entrepreneur.
As an eighth generation Marine, Patch spent nearly 15 years serving our country and is a Combat Disabled Veteran of the US Marine Corps. During this time, Patch acquired a unique skill set and a dynamic mindset. After leaving the Marine Corps, during the early years of his own start up journey, Patch started applying the tactics, strategies and discipline-rich routines he learned in the military to his own ventures with great success.
Today, Patch is a renowned investor and serial entrepreneur with multiple ventures and exits, an expert marketer and thought leader, and he is impacting Fortune 500 clients as well as Veteran-owned start ups, showing them how to lead with tenacity, discipline, grit and honor.
Patch Baker served his country, now he is serving audiences worldwide. With a lifetime of hard lessons direct from the battlefield, Patch is delivering tactical learnings, hacks and practical leadership insights that can be deployed now.
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